Monday, April 2nd, 2012...4:11 pm

Changing lives in Romania

Israel Sabag, Director of JDC Romania, reflects on the visit of the Texas Hillels group to Romania in March.

When asked what the group enjoyed most during their visit, they mentioned the impressive renovation of the home of Iuliana Teodorescu, a Jewish woman of 64 years old, living in harsh conditions in her run down house in Timisoara.

Here are the participants before the renovation, when the students were still working hard at painting, removing furniture and bringing new things, like a fridge and a sofa.

The youngsters were also supported by members of the local Jewish community. After a great effort from everybody, the job was finished (miraculously) just 1 hour before Shabbat started. One of the students put a Mezuzah on the door post and everybody sang “Simen Tov u Mazal Tov.”

Mrs. Teodorescu thanked the group in the most touching way ” I never received a present like this in my life. In one week I will be 64 and you gave me the most incredible gift that I can imagine!”

And indeed, who could imagine that just after a few hours of work, the house looked like this:

Such stories prove once again how great the advantages of this kind of initiatives are on both sides and how much the communities in Romania benefit a boost of energy and strength from young people all around the world.


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