Thursday, March 1st, 2012...12:31 pm

Laughter is the Best Medicine: A Night of Comedic Relief

In 2011, Rachel Briks traveled to Ethiopia on a JDC Young Professionals trip. When she returned, Rachel shared her reflections on Gather the Jews’s blog.

From her piece:

While in Ethiopia … I was privileged to contribute to JDC’s projects of construction of a rural school and medical treatment for children. I also learned about other JDC projects, including scholarships for university and nursing degrees, water well construction to provide rural villages with potable water, and life-saving heart and spinal surgeries, and treatments for curable forms of cancer. This was truly a life-changing and unforgettable opportunity.

Now, Rachel is spearheading a very special night in DC to support Daguma, a young Ethiopian boy who requires spinal surgery to combat Tuberculosis of the spine:

If you’re in Washington, DC – or you’re just interested in saving a life – visit to make a difference.

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