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Photo Essay: Celebrating Tu B’Shvat with Bambinim Familyclub in Berlin

Bambinim Familyclub is a JDC program in Berlin, Germany for Jewish families with young children. At the Bambinim center,  families can participate in a variety of educational and cultural courses and programs led in German, Russian, English and Hebrew. JDC Jewish Service Corps Fellows Molly Fried and Sarah Goldenstein check-in from Berlin, where Bambinim Familyclub hosted Tu B’Shvat programming for children and families.

JDC Jewish Service Corps Fellow Molly at Bambinim's Tu B'Shvat celebration (photo: Sarah Goldenstein)

With every holiday program, our aim at Bambinim Familyclub is to create a special experience that is informal, educational, and fun for our participants, who are all under 6 years old. Last year, Bambinim Familyclub participated in a Tu B’Shvat seder with the Jewish community of Berlin. This year, we were inspired to repeat on the idea of a seder for our program, but challenge ourselves to make it a completely kid-friendly experience, and one that is still thoughtful, and interesting for the parents, as well.

We began our program by painting flower pots, then reading “Die Frucht aus dem heiligen Land” (The Fruit of the Holy Land), an illustrated story about the magical pomegranate fruit! Afterward, the group worked their way through the seasons by discussing and tasting different fruits and combinations of red and white grape juice in our Tu B’Shvat seder, which ended in a big, healthy feast. Each child took home their painted flower pots, filled with fresh soil and flower seeds, that they had planted themselves during the seder.

Director Flora Hirshfeld designed the seder with the Bambinim Familyclub team. Jewish Service Corps Fellow Molly Fried and Bambinim volunteer Dvora Gordon led the seder in German. Intern Sabina Alkanaev led the participants in Israeli songs and dances. JSC Fellow Sarah Goldenstein led the art activities and documented the program.

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