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Tufts Hillel: Waking up in Alibag

Waking up in Alibag, we indulged in a traditional Indian breakfast at the hotel. We then set out on our bus to the Navgaon Cemetery. Seeing the age of the different tombstones was amazing. The oldest marked date was 1774, but many unmarked graves predate even that one. After the cemetery, we visited my highlight of the morning, David. He is 80 years old and still presses oil, though he now uses an electrical press. He entertained a few of us with stories of how his life and the times have changed. He described a few traditions and even threatened us with a slingshot if we misbehaved!

After a relaxing lunch and group discussion, we headed off to see two different Jewish families whom JDC helps. We met with  two adults who the JDC helped through school and college. One even moved to Israel and is now moving back to India, which his mother is very happy about. Later in the day we learned about the cash assistance program and we toured the hospital where JDC holds a free clinic on the first Sunday of the month for Jews.

When we arrived back at the hotel we took advantage of our primetime location by enjoying the gorgeous sunset. After which, we all walked along the beach and half of us hopped on a horse drawn carriage for a run on the beach. Now after an event filled day we all await dinner. More pics to come!

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Tufts Hillel – India – May/June 2010

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