Friday, May 14th, 2010...8:56 am

University of Washington Hillel: Orientation #1!

The University of Washington Hillel will travel to Ethiopia with JDC Short-Term Service in July 2010.

Sunday, May 9th was our first footstep in what will become a physical and spiritual journey to Ethiopia.

At the orientation, most people in the group got to meet one another. We played ice breakers and we got a good feel for who we would be living with in the near future.  The orientation focused on logistics.  We learned where exactly we were going, and what we needed to do before to embark on our trip.  This included information about donations, doctor’s appointments and applying for visas.

We also were excited to begin planning for future events. They include:  hearing a speaker from Ethiopia talk about the issues in the country; trying Ethiopian cuisine; and helping each other out in varying fundraising efforts.

We will learn more about the WHAT we are doing at the next orientation on the 16th.  We are all excited for this trip, but indeed, there are hoops we all have to jump through before we are able to go, and this orientation showed us clearly what those hoops are. Pictures from out first orientation are below!

University of Washington Hillel - Ethiopia – July/August 2010

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