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Haiti: Day 3

Working at the school:
going back to the school for a second day was a truly meaningful experience. Any hesitation or separation that we felt on the first day completely dissolved when we reentered the classroom. The kids were excited for our return and even brought their projects (all about me) from yesterday back to school. We got to really connect to them on so many levels by teaching them and singing with them. Though communication is difficult this separation disappears in song. We united by tunes and tones from both of our cultures. This was a great follow up to the science experiments that we did with the kids. We taught them about engineering and architecture by building bridges, “pons”, out of toothpicks and gummies. We introduced them to the fun in chemistry by creating a chemical reaction with vinegar and baking soda – an exploding volcano. This message was only furthered when they got to mix and keep their very own silly putty. It was so meaningful to see how much they learned and cared to experience all the lessons we aspired to teach them.

During our mid-afternoon lunchtime break we were privy to attend the Haiti historical museum. There we learned about the Haitian history Рfrom the time before the colonization of 1492 (Christopher Columbus) through the Haitian revolution, and ultimately learning about their recent history and current challenges.  It was interesting to see the influences of outside cultures on the Haitian society. We learned of the introduction of Vodo to the religion, the separation of French Haiti from the Spanish DR and so much more.

Working in the Medical Clinic:
When we arrived at the medical clinic today we were able to witness for the first time the difference we are making in Haiti. What just yesterday looked like a run-down wall, today appeared like what one would expect of any medical facility. It was nice to see what we had already accomplished and encouraged us to continue our work at an increased and more enthused rate

Favorite parts of the day:

Josh R – I really enjoyed the museum; learning about Haiti and its history.

Davina S – i loved singing and dancing with the kids in the classroom. We sang both American and Haitian songs uniting the culture.

Sarah B – My favorite part of the day was listening to the kids sing their Haitian national anthem

Melissa A – it was really fun making the silly putty with the kids. They were excited to learn about it and the process of making it.

Talia M – I liked making bridges put of gumdrops with the kids. Pons is bridge in creole

Yaniv L – my favorite parts of the day were the Haitian museum and teaching the kids the Baruch HaGever toon with hand motions

Sam W – building bridges with the kids out of dots and toothpicks in “science day”

Rebecca T – dancing with the kids at the school and reuniting with our friends that we made yesterday for another great day

Shani B – my favorite part was painting the medical clinic. Two little Haitian boys joined our work and it was fun working and getting to know them

John A – my favorite part was returning to our work. We got to see what we accomplished in our previous days work and for the first time really see the difference that we are making

Michal W – walking into the school and seeing the kids that remember me from yesterday and coming over and give me a hug.

Adam B – learning and discussing with team everyone.

Talya L – while driving we passed a Haitian painting of the “Last Supper”. It was interesting to see that amongst the other Haitian art another cultures famous piece entered the mix.

Avi A – I really enjoyed building with dots. Everyone really came together to achieve one goal. The kids got to experience group work and individual work by getting to build their own bridge.

Calixte Y Рmy favorite part was the volcano project. This was my first time watching this project be done and it  explodes like a volcano. The kids really enjoyed it.

Ruth B – I really liked dancing with kids. The kids get so happy when try break out in song and dance and it’s a medium in which we can bond over

Devora W – I was really impressed with the kids interest in what we were teaching them in our hands on learning. They had a lot of patience and concentration and wanted to take the time and effort to do it on their own.

Shauna R – watching the students at YU interact with the Haitian students of Heart to Heart.

Muller M – we work very hard and it was nice that it rained (first time in a month)

Aliza A – The united singing and dancing and cross cultures.

Miriam G – I really liked going to the museums today. It was really interesting learning about Haitian history

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